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A cashier is only needed if there is a problem, or to approve the sale of restricted items such as alcohol. The report also followed consumers for one month, to study their behaviour around self-service tills. Users tend to be split by age and not socio-economic status, the report said, with younger customers and those with families tending to use the automatic tills more than older people, who are more reticent. Shoppers using self-service tills tend to buy less, with an average of 10 items versus the average of 17 items at the cashier tills.

Some categories of product are also more likely to be bought this way, including alcohol, and hygiene or care and maintenance products. The consumer therefore has a smaller number of items in their basket and is more likely to use the self-service tills.

Self-service tills are often described as helping to reduce waiting times and queues, and intended to make the buying experience easier and more streamlined. In Paris, the Casino brand has opened its first till-less supermarket, which is set to be open 24 hours a day for customers who have already paid for their shopping online. Stay informed: Sign up to our free weekly e-newsletter Subscribe to access all our online articles and receive our printed monthly newspaper The Connexion at your home.

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  • Do you never need to go to the toilet? Then working at a supermarket checkout could be just the job for you.

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    Anna Sam spent 8 years as a checkout girl. Checkout - A Life on the Tills is a witty look at what it's really like to work in a supermarket: the relentless grind and less-than-perfect working conditions, along with people-watching and encounters with every kind of customer from the bizarre to the downright rude. Sam's story has won her fans all over Europe, turning Checkout - A Life on the Tills into a huge international bestseller, published in 10 languages.

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    Checkout - a Life on the Tills by Anna Sam: review

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